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Adam Young

Child genius Adam Young went to university at the age of nine. Now at fourteen, he has his pick of any job imaginable... and chooses to become a high school teacher. With one foot in the lunch room and the other in the staff room, can Adam still have the regular high school experience he has always wanted?


Derby is Adam’s best friend and also his student, a line that Derby’s more than happy to blur. A self-proclaimed Don Juan, in truth Derby is a class clown and a bozo with the ladies. Dabbling in everything from tango to one-man-bandmanship, he’s a lover of the arts, especially the fine art of pranking.


Echo is the girl-next-door that Adam wishes lived next door. She’s thoughtful, socially aware, and beautiful, with a secret affinity for all things sci-fi. Though she’s smart about most things, Echo is completely oblivious to Adam’s obvious crush on her.


If report cards were based on fashion and popularity, Ivy would have straight A’s. Unfortunately, the school board’s priorities are way off. As Adam’s older and less-wise sister, Ivy is horrified that her kid brother is at her school and it's even worse that he’s a teacher. She’ll do anything to avoid being seen with him and maintain her status as the school’s Queen Bee (or, let’s face it: Queen C-minus).

Jordan Slabinsky

Possibly a descendant of the mighty Sasquatch, Jordan “Slab” Slabinsky is the intimidating but dim-witted class oaf who spends more time in detention than in class. He’s twice Adam’s size and certainly menacing, but the truth is he’s actually a softie at heart. His hobbies include, eating, snacking, and chewing... other people’s lunches.

Mr. Tater

Mr. Tater is not only Finnegan High’s principal, he’s also the beloved son of his mommy, with whom he still lives. As the school’s fearless leader, he is neither fearless nor much of a leader. Despite his better judgment, he was forced to hire Adam as a teacher and can’t handle the fact that Adam is smarter than he is. He also has a lot more hair. Tater never knows when he’s the butt of the joke and he’s always the butt of the joke.

Rachel Young

Rachel is Adam and Ivy’s supportive, yet often exasperated mother. It’s not easy being mom to a genius and a... Ivy. Much to her kids’ chagrin, she’s often involved in school activities, and frequently embarrasses them.


Dang from Danang is part school janitor, part ninja. With his power to mop up and pop up out of nowhere at will, rumour has it Dang is a covert member of an elite Vietnamese fighting squad. Nevertheless, while scrubbing the school halls, he is a wise ally to Adam... if only Adam could understand a word he is saying.

Mrs. Byrne

Mrs. Byrne is the world’s oldest history teacher, and possibly the world’s oldest human. She’s been at Finnegan High for longer than anyone can remember, especially her — she barely remembers the pureed prunes she had for breakfast. She is cantankerous, no-nonsense, and has seen it all. Literally.

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